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Poodles are elegant-appearing dogs, squarley build, and well proportioned. They are known for their superior intelligence and exceptional learning ability. In addition to that, they are very agile, graceful, and move with a springy, lively gait! Poodles enjoy and excel in a variety of canine sports, including agility, obedience, and tracking. But the coat of the poodle is its crowning glory. A Poodle does not have the plush double coat that many breeds have. Poodles have a single, dense coat of curled hair. That is why they are known to be a hypoallergenic and low to non- shedding breed, and are suitable for people with allergies because they generate less dander and their hair does not routinely shed out; instead, it mats to itself. 

Poodles have fun and quirky personalities, we breed standard size Poodles, that range from 45 - 60 pounds full grown.

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