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Goldendoodles are a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. Combining the intelligent poodle with the playful, loyal and loving nature of the golden retriever. Goldendoodles are also very low to non-shed, making them more suitable for people with allergies. They are affectionate, playful, spunky, and intelligent dogs.  They are known to be easier to train than most breeds. They follow commands quickly and want to please their owners, often graduating at the top of obedience classes.

We breed standard size Goldendoodles which range from 50 - 60 pounds full grown and stand 22" tall in most cases. 

We favor standard English Goldendoodles in our program as we have experienced that English Goldendoodles are stockier, more laid-back and calm. Our original female, Bonnie, is a registered AKC English Cream Golden Retriever. She is so beautiful and has passed on her English retriever characteristics of a stocky build and square face to all her babies.



F1 = Golden Retriever x Poodle

F1b = F1 Goldendoodles x Poodle

F1bb = F1b Goldendoodles x Poodle

F2 = F1 Goldendoodles x F1 Goldendoodle

F3 = F1b Goldendoodle x F1 (or F1b) Goldendoodle

Multigen = Any Goldendoodle breeding consisting of F3 or higher dogs.

*We currently only breed F1 & F1B generations.*

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